Straight Zippered Duffle Bag

This lightweight durable duffel bag is not your standard gym bag. It has been built with professional-grade zippers, buckles, and fabrics. This custom bag can withstand the rigors of daily use. If you need a different size, please contact us. This bag can be made in any dimensions.


  • Embroidery on front pocket.
  • Option to add name or other text to bag
  • Commercial-grade materials including buckles, handles, fabrics, and zippers
  • 3 exterior pockets for small items like keys
  • Slip to attach bag to the top of a rolling bag
  • Shoulder strap with foam pad
  • Wrap-around grab handles to carry bag like a briefcase to the side

Regular Straight Zippered Duffle Bag$130

  • Regular Simple Duffel Dimensions: 13" Deep x 10" Wide x 25" Long

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Long Straight Zippered Duffle Bag$165

  • Large Simple Duffle Dimensions:13" Deep x 10" Wide x 31" Long

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