Inari Trunk Stock Medical Bag

This durable bag is custom-built specifically for Inari devices and equipment. It holds approximately 8-10 FlowTriever Catheter boxes, 2-4 ClotTriever Sheath boxes, 2-4 ClotTriever boxes, along with extra space to accommodate another 8-10 boxes of the following: FlowTriever discs, FlowSaver, FlowStasis.


  • Inari Medical Logo
  • 3 Exterior Grab Handles
  • Interior and Exterior pockets for storing documents
  • Heavy-duty wheel system capable of 100 pounds
  • Telescoping pull handle
  • Commercial-grade materials, zippers, and hardware
  • Adjustable and removable interior partition
  • Business card holder

Inari Medical Bag$460.00

  • Weight: 25 lbs
  • Internal Dimensions: 14" Deep x 18" Wide x 43.5" Long
  • External Dimensions: 16.5" Deep x 19" Wide x 47.5" Long

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