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    This color may take 2 to 3 weeks longer to manufacture. Please call 801-785-0700 if you would like an exact ETA.


    Optional Swivel Wheels

    Fixed Stand Option
    Swivel Wheel Option

    Fixed Stand Option

    Swivel Wheel Option

    NOTE: Swivel Option will increase the bag cost by $20.


    Select Divider Option

    Divider Option 1

    Divider Option 1

    NOTE: Both divider options are removable and adjustable.


    Add Lid Embroidery

    Click on the option title you would like used on your bag.

    Lid Embroidery Position

    NOTE: All text embroidery will be placed on the bag exactly as it is typed. If you would like all capital letters, type it that way. Please proofread and double-check all text. Any changes to embroidery once the bag has been embroidered or delivered will require an additional fee.


    Add Front Embroidery


    Add End Embroidery


    Piggyback Option

    Bag External Size Internal Size Rigid Weight Lightened Weight
    Acuity 9" Deep x 13" Wide x 34" Long 8" Deep x 12" Wide x 33" Long 7.7 lbs 5.9 lbs
    Attain Delivery System 10" Deep x 16" Wide x 40" Long 9" Deep x 15" Wide x 39" Long 12.9 lbs 9.7 lbs
    CPS/Scout Pro 11" Deep x 16" Wide x 38" Long 10" Deep x 15" Wide x 37" Long 11.5 lbs 9.5 lbs
    Small Piggyback 8" Deep x 12" Wide x 35" Long 7" Deep x 11" Wide x 34" Long 7.5 lbs 5.7 lbs


    Select Piggyback Rigid or Lightened

    Rigid version comes with hard plastic sewn into all 6 walls of the bag. This makes the bag similar to a hard case, offering the maximum amount of protection for your supplies. This is recommended if you plan to stack items on top of your bag, if you fly with the bag, or if you carry easily damageable products.

    Lightened version comes with hard plastic sewn into 3 walls of the bag and stiff foam into all 6 of the walls, offering a high level of protection for your products. This bag is lighter but looks and functions exactly the same as the rigid version. This version is recommended for reps with bad backs or other health problems, reps who are unable to lift heavy weights, reps who have products that are already protected in their own packaging, and trunk stock reps that will not be stacking items on top of this bag.


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