Custom Bags

If you’re tired of using off-the-shelf products, we invite you to come see the difference in buying a custom bag built for you. Watts Bags has been designing bags for over 30 years. We specialize in working with large and small businesses, universities, colleges, schools, sports teams, and international companies. We believe a bag should be designed with your needs in mind.

Here are a few examples of custom bags we have built for some of our customers.

Binder Bags

Binder Bags with removable pages providing easy access to supplies with the ability to easily add new products or remove old ones

Custom Storage

Bags with custom storage compartments for complete organization of all of your supplies.

Rolling Bags

Bags able to attach to other bags to form rolling sets

Branded Bags

Custom-made bags to match your corporate colors and branding

Large Bags

Bags of any size, as large or small as you need

Custom Pockets

Bags with custom pouch pockets

About our Custom Bag Sewing

Watts Bags is a U.S. based sewing company operating out of Lindon, Utah. Since we design and sew our custom bag orders in-house, most orders can be completed within weeks of being received. Unlike many companies that require large minimums or only do their sewing overseas, Watts Bags is able to fulfill orders of all sizes at our U.S. facility. Our bags are fully customizable to fit your needs; give us a try today!